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Practitioner Grading System

FSN practitioners using almost a complete medical fundamental knowledge in diagnosis and treatment. As FSN practice requires almost instant pain relieving, it is a highly technical and skillful practice. In order to encourage FSN practitioners improve their medical knowledge and clinical skills, FSN has created a PGS Practitioner Grading System since 2005. 

Adopted through Go-Chess system, there are nine grades (Grade I-VIIII) in PGS. Practitioners can attend this PGS competition annually (coincided with the annual conference). A PGS committee assess the participant FSN knowledge, ability of manipulation and the feedback of the actual treatment from a patient.

Meet the tutors

with their FSN Professional Grade

The founder of FSN

Zhonghua Fu

Grade 7


Qingtao He

Grade 5 


Bo Yu

Grade 5


Zhen Li

Grade 4 


Yuzhong Liu

Grade 4


Jidong Wu

Grade 3


Ping Xu

Grade 2


Yaxiong Zhang

Grade 1


Daming Gong

Grade 1

Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling Association of Europe (FSNAE) was established in January 2018 in the UK.The purpose of FSNAE is to have a platform to discuss and explore the FSN.

FSNAE head office

452Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 1ST