About Association

FSNAE – Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling Association of Europe

Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling Association of Europe FSNAE was established in January 2018 in the UK.The purpose of FSNAE is to have a platform to discuss and explore the FSN.The objectives of FSNAE:

  • to develop and share professional development of FSN as a modality of modern acupuncture in the UK and Europe;
  • to promote the FSN as a safe and more effective practice in the UK and in Europe;
  • to regulate the FSN practice as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and integrate FSN with conventional medicine practice in the UK and Europe.

Become a member of FSNAE

The FSNAE welcomes applications for membership from applicants meeting the following requirements:

Have registered with a medical or healthcare profession.

Applicant is currently practicing TCM in the UK or Europe.

At least 4 years full time training of modern medicine and TCM

Have had formal training in FSNAE approved course or by qualified trainers

Have a certificate of theories of Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling 

Graduated from physical examinations courses of FSN in any of 3 levels

must abide by the Code of Professional Conduct and Code of Practice

Member Benefits

Membership of the AACP entitles Chartered Acupuncture-Physiotherapists to:

  • 10% discount of on-line shopp at Shizhen TCM shop
  • 20% discount CPD training fee
  • Free clinical advice from PGS
  • Free social media WeChat audio and video seminars
  • Reduced fee for annual conference 

Join the FSNAE

FSN Acupuncture Foundation Course

Membership of the FSNAE is open to UK and European countries practitioners with 20 hours of FSN acupuncture training.

Learn everything about the FSN acupuncture Foundation Course and achieving membership via this link.

The 20 hours Foundation Course is the usual route for already qualified acupuncturists to gain membership to the FSNAE.

Subscriptions and joining fees

Members of the Association pay an annual subscription fee.

For Trainees, who have subscribed to one of the FSNAE accredited FSN Acupuncture Foundation Courses, the first year’s subscription is included in the course fee.

You may need to pay an additional joining fee, if you want to re-join the FSNAE after a certain period after your membership has lapsed.


The FSNAE subscription is payable annually and may be paid by direct debit or card. In most cases, this subscription should be allowable against income tax; for details, please see the HMRC website.

The Fee for this year is £100. 

Application process

Any forms you need can be found above under the tab ‘Documents’. You can submit your application form on line 

Once the application form received, the council will arrange an interview. 

All membership of FSNAE is at the discretion of the Board, who reserve the right to decline membership applications or renewals if they have due cause.

The Board of FSNAE

The FSNAE is operated and managed by Articles and Memorandum of Association. 

According to the constitution of FSNAE, the first Board members of the FSNAE are consisted as follows:

Dr Zhonghua Fu

Honorary President

Inventor of FSN, with a lot of clinical experience and theoretical foundation, he is a strong guarantee for FSNAE.

Jidong Wu


Mobile: +44-7767384998

Email: jidongwu@icloud.com

Dr. Jian Li

Vice President – Sweden

Mobile: 0046-70-0513 998

Email: Lai.kliniken@outlook.com

Address: Lai Kliniken, Klara Ostra Kyrkogatan 2A, SE-111 52, Stockholm, Sweden.

Jian Wu

Vice President– Spain


Hong Dong

Vice President – The Netherlands


Mario Santana

Vice President – Portugal


Daming Gong

General Secretory


Jing Ye



Suya Yuan

Education Executives


Yaxiong Zhang

Academic and research Executive


Jianhua Li



Membership Admission Procedure

All applicants must fill in the Application Form and send the form to the FSNAE registrar, together with Application fee of £50.00, and the proves of their professional qualification(s). They must nominate a reference person, preferably an FSNAE member.

On the receipt of the Application Form, Proves of Qualification(s), Application fee payment, and the reference letter, the registrar will advise the applicant to attend an interview which is mostly held in London with some occasions in other cities nearby where the applicants live. The Interview is usually chaired by the Registrar or a Council member with at least one more person at present. In some occasions when the interview is arranged in other cities, the Registrar will entrust one of the FSNAE senior member to chair the interview.

During the interview, all applicants will be required to take an exam on the knowledge of TCM5 western medicine and human biomedical science first, which usually last for about 45 minutes, then follows the individual interview, in which the ID document (usually passport) of the applicants, their original qualification certificate(s) or the authorised notary copy must be inspected. Then the applicants will be assessed by questions on TCM knowledge, their professional training, experience and legal requirements for practising in the UK or related European countries. The interviewer then will fill in the Interview Form and make a conclusion that the applicants have passed interview or failed.

For those applicants who have attended and passed interview, their all application materials w5ill be reviewed by the Registrar and passed to the president or the council committee. The decision will be made then if the application for FSNAE membership is accepted or declined.

For those applicants who have been offered a FSNAE membership by the Council, they will receive a Membership Registration Form t5o fill in and they are at this point required to pay a subscription for their membership fee. Copy of Code of Practice, Code of Professional Conduct, and FSNAE Constitution will be enclosed with the Registration Form. They are also required to pay a premium for the FSNAE Block Insurance to cover their practice.

When filling in the Registration Form, new members make declarations as to abide by the constitution, be bound by and comply with the Codes at all the times. On receipt of all the forms and fees including insurance premium, a FSNAE Membership Certificate will be issued and sent to the new member within two weeks time.

Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling Association of Europe (FSNAE) was established in January 2018 in the UK.The purpose of FSNAE is to have a platform to discuss and explore the FSN.

FSNAE head office

452Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 1ST